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Our Partners in Saving Water

Real Savings, Verified, 4 Billion Gallons, Customers Saved $4.5 Million*
....Undisputed reputation with guarantee performance!

* NET to customers after paying all costs.

Our customers have saved more money and water than any other solution offered by competitors over the last 10 years.

border="0"4 Billion Gallons --- $4.5 Million!

Note: Audited and verified savings.

Performance Verified by California Public Utilities Commission. PUC findings on achieved savings from Water2Save can be found in a report entited "Embedded Energy in Water Pilot Programs Impact Evaluation".

CalState LA After 5 Years Still Seeing Remarkable Savings. CSULA contracted with Water2Save in 2010 and since then has saved over 140 million gallons of potable water and over $700,000 (after paying all costs) in reduced water bills. The university was presented with a $51,679 rebate check from LADWP on Earth Day for elimating waste when irrigating the campus landscaping.... More

Water2Save offers a "Turn-Key" monitoring service, much more than buying equipment.  After contracting for our proactive wireless water management service, we take responsibilty and guarantee savings. We monitor and adjust the water used on aesthetic landscapes through highly advanced patented technology and NWS forecased weather data while keeping the landscape healthy and green.

Buying a "smart controller", either weather based, sensor based, or centralized system, does not guarantee savings. Manufacturers are not service providers and only provide tools for others to use. Ask those selling or offering to operate your smart controllers if they will guarantee savings.

"Full Service" approach with guarantee includes:

  • Water Savings Appraisal, Audit of Meter Data
  • Site Mapping With Google Earth Pro
  • Savings Calculations Based on Utility Rates
  • Installation of Wireless Monitoring Equipment
  • Operation and Management Via Remote Data Center
  • Interface with On-Site Landscape Personnel
  • Upload Watering Minutes into Database and Monitor
  • Track Metered Water Use on Accounts
  • Savings Reports Presented to Customer

Accurate Technology.  Our wireless proactive service adjusts the amount of water according to current and forecasted weather allowing us to adjust water usage to the optimum level for our customers' landscapes. Just the right amount of water, no more or no less.

  • We connect controllers to wireless data communications for digital transfer over a US nationwide cellular data network.
  • No programming requirements or new technology to learn. Landscaper uses standard clock timer for programming.
  • We guarantee quality of service and savings performance.
  • We continuously monitor and report water bill savings.

We offer two unique modes of operation based on the governement prescribed guidelines on irrigation in effect at the time:

  • Our advanced proactive weather-based water management and water conservation service delivers consistent maximum achievable savings.
  • Drought ManagerTM ensures watering only occurs during an allotted time frame on specific days of the week to comply with local drought restriction ordinances.

Conserve Water And Save Money With Water2Save


Breaking News
City of South El Monte Installs Water2Save.   City participates in utility funded program to save money at parks and city owned properties.
San Diego State University Decides on Same Approach for Saving Water As CSULA.   SDSU decides to deploy the same Water2Save technology as that deployed by CSULA.
San Diego's Liberty Station Begins the Final Phase of their Water2Save Plan.   Liberty Station deploys final phase of a 4 year installation plan throughout the property.
Southern California Edison Signs with Water2Save for Rosemead Headquarters.   SCE continues with Water2Save service after utility sponsor program ends given the achieved energy and water savings.
Water2Save Presents Results to LA Water Board.   Water2Save presents results of conservation program sponsored by county water district showing millions of gallons saved.
Sorrento at Porter Ranch Signs with Water2Save.   Sorrento board members recently voted to install Water2Save property-wide within the community of about 600 single family homes.
Earth Day News
Water2Save Saves CSULA More Than 27 Million Gallons in 18 Months.   Cal State LA partners with Water2Save and receives over $50,000 from LADWP for remarkable water savings.
Drought Ordinance Watering Restrictions Render Weather-based Smart Controllers Ineffective.   New laws conflict with watering methods used by weather-based and sensor-based "smart" controllers.
Smart Controller Rulemaking Under Review.   Director of California Department of Water Resources, Lester Snow, says "It is time for real water savings".
MWD Revises Smart Timer Rebate Program.   Smart timer rebates have changed, while performance based incentives become more active.
Water2Save Gets the Cash in Customer's Hands.   Experience pays when delivering the Water Saving Incentive payments to customers.
New Study Reveals Truth About "Smart" Timers.   Find out why "smart" timers may not be so smart after all.
Metropolitan Water District of So. California Approves A New Water Savings Performance Incentive Program. Payment tied to actual water savings exceeds traditional rebate amounts.
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