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Does your service work to comply with drought ordinances and water rationing?
Water2Save can seamlessly switch between 2 unique modes of operation. Under normal conditions, Weather-based Mode is enabled, ensuring maximum irrigation efficiency property-wide. During times of drought, our service makes drought compliance simple and reliable. We will ensure all local watering restrictions are met.

Why can't my landscaper just program drought schedules on my existing traditional or smart controller?
You or your landscaper can schedule the necessary drought restriction schedules yourself. However, Water2Save offers a guarantee that the proper schedules are in place and act as a restrictor to shut off all controllers on non-water days and when there is chance of rain. We also provide detailed drought compliance reports that show runtimes of every valve to provide accurate records in the event of a drought ordinance citation. Both traditional and smart controllers are not designed to provide daily record keeping, whereas Water2Save reliably stores large amounts of runtime data to ensure accountability.

How is your service different from a smart controller?
We invented the first smart weather based controller. Over the years, we have solved many of the challenges these devices faced in trying to deliver repeatable savings over time. Our service manages and monitors any smart or programmable controller. So for customers who have smart controllers, they receive our forecasted and measured weather adjustments, guaranteed savings, tracking, management, and monitoring. We are so confident in our ability to continually save we offer a money back guarantee.

What is Look-Ahead ETTM?
Using proactive weather adjustments we remotely turn off set irrigation schedules before it rains. In addition, we calculate how much precipitation occurs during an event, making use of natural precipitation, and holding-off on turning the irrigation system back-on days after it rains. Our methodology in an independent audit study has shown 64% more savings than ET alone.

What does the water management service offer?
Our service adjusts the amount of water applied to your landscape using a wireless control system which monitors your irrigation schedules and water usage. Under normal conditions we adjust the amount of water according to current and forecasted weather. This allows us to control usage to the optimum amount of water for your landscape. We typically turn off the landscape water a day or two before it rains and a few days after. We are constantly monitoring the weather to reduce water on overcast and cool days. During times of drought, our Drought ManagerTM is enabled to ensure watering ONLY takes place for a specified amount of time on specified days of the week to comply with local drought restriction ordinances.

Is SWAT certification needed to receive a water utility incentive payment?

If your property is located in Metropolitan Water District of Southern California service area (see link to service area) and if the property is an existing commercial, industrial, institutional, one-acre single family, multi-family or homeowner association with common area landscapes, then it is eligible for an incentive payment which can be in thousands of dollars. Water2Save service incorporated into the Sterling Controller has received SWAT certification and approval. To see the official SWAT test results, click here.

Do I need new equipment?
We offer equipment that can be added-on to your current irrigation system and controller including smart controllers, or if you want to replace any of your existing controllers, you can buy a new Sterling-Water2Save Irrigation Controller manufactured by Storm Manufacturing Group. The brands manufactured by Storm Manufacturing Group have been used in the irrigation industry for almost 100 years.

Do I need to train my landscapers on how to use the service?
No, our service works with your current irrigation equipment, the same equipment that your landscaper already knows how to use. He is not required to learn new technology and our equipment and service is fully transparent to all landscapers. Therefore, your landscaper does not operate any of our equipment or need to learn how. We install our equipment as an add-on to your existing irrigation system or as a fully integrated irrigation controller. Our qualified irrigation water managers operate our equipment and wireless service remotely from our professionally run Data Center.

Does the service really work?
Yes, it works. We have continually saved at every customer site since inception. Our savings performance is based on a continuous review of our customer actual water bills. Please see our testimonial page on this website for what our customers have to say about our system and service.

What does the service cost?
We charge a low monthly service fee where our guaranteed savings service plan insures that the amount of money you spend on Water2Save's service will be paid for by the savings in water bills, so you begin saving immediately. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your property and its savings potential.

How much can I save on my water bill?
Without performing an upfront audit, no one knows how much you can save. We have many happy customers using our service because we take the extra step to qualify the potential savings before activating service. We check to see if your property meets our criteria for dollar savings. If the data shows ample savings opportunity, we will then present to you the gross and net savings (after paying our fixed fee) potential for consideration.

What guarantees do I have that the savings will not be less than the cost?
We offer all customers a guarantee that should annual savings (after adjustments for circumstances beyond our control) fall below our fixed fee we will continue to provide service at no cost to the customer until such deficit is gone. Of course, if we save more than expected, the customer keeps all the extra savings.

How do I know the service is working?
After you become a customer, we track savings performance using the utility's monthly water consumption data as reflected on your utility bill and compared the usage to same period of historical water usage. We provide periodic savings reports that will directly compare the usage before and after our equipment was installed and service began.

What weather information is used?
Over the last decade of running our wireless weather adjustment service, we have developed protocols using National Weather Service forecasts, real-time satellite weather feeds, weather data from public supported stations, and current local-area observations to determine the optimum amount of water for your landscaping. We utilize two-way wireless data communications and we can immediately adjust your irrigation for both short and long term weather changes. Using our proactive method of control and monitoring, we look ahead to expected weather conditions as well as next day make corrections based on actual measured weather data.

Does your service provide more than water savings?
Yes, absolutely. Our service provides many additional savings beyond water savings. Our system uses a two-way communications link from your property to our Data Center and we monitor the watering times programmed by your landscapers. We can detect when there is an unnecessary change in the watering schedule for your property due to a controller programming error, vandalism, controller malfunction, or excessive irrigation programming. In addition, because we apply the right amount of water to your landscape, we minimize water runoff, reduce the amount of fertilizer, and your landscape becomes healthier because we do not over-water your plants.

Can you really help to identify leaks unseen on the soil surface?
Our exclusive service continually seeks to identify sub-surface leaks utilizing a number of proprietary methods. We have successfully served our customers by identifying a number of leaks on their property based on actual usage. Some leaks were so great our customers were given credits by their local water districts due to our ability to document such leaks.

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Landscapers Re-evaluate Offering Water2Save to Their Customers.   Many landscapers have recognized that customers which purchased Smart Timers may not be realizing irrigation water savings. Manufacturers of Smart Timers do not monitor or guarantee water bill savings. Now is the time to consider offering customers a solution which delivers routine savings reports. Contact Water2Save to find out more about how to improve retention of landscape contracts.

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