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WaterLink Systems, Inc. is the managing member of Water2Save, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company, formed in 2000.

Current management and advisors of WaterLink Systems, Inc. are shown below:

C. Gary Gelinas has over thirty five years of experience in the clean-tech and environmental technology industry. He has been a proven leader in developing innovative solutions and profitable businesses models which solve complex environmental issues using advanced applied technology. He executed a national and international sales and marketing strategy to Fortune 100 companies where he double and tripled sales annually and achieved profitability in a short timeframe. Prior to founding WaterLink Systems, he was co-founder and CEO of SAFER Emergency Systems, Inc, a California based company using UNIX based light-pen driven systems for tracking gas and liquid releases of hazardous chemicals in the atmosphere with real-time meteorological data. He sold this unique and niche business (which maintained 90% marketshare) to E. I. DuPont. His company achieved peak profit margins at the time of the acquisition. He has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado, a M.S. in Earth Resources from Colorado State University, and partial fulfillment of an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Neal Chazin, Investor, is the Chief Executive Officer of Associated Professional Services located in San Diego, California which offers financial and property management services to Homeowner Associations. Mr.Chazin has a Masters in Business Administration and is a licensed real estate broker in California.  Mr. Chazin is on Board of Directors of four other organizations including WaterLink Systems, Inc. Mr. Chazin also has 30 years of experience in accounting and finance as well as business development. He lectures on a number of financial topics such as budgets and reserve studies.  He also writes articles in property management publications and the San Diego Union Tribune.

Carl Lombardi, Investor, was previously CEO of Spacelabs Medical a major provider of medical devices, software and services for hospitals, clinics, physician offices and other health care settings. Mr. Lombardi is a member of the Alliance of Angels, a Seattle, Washington based group of investors and representatives of investment corporations. The alliance is a program of the Technology Alliance - a network of Washington State businesses, research institutions, and industry trade associations. Mr. Lombardi also serves in several related businesses Board of Directors and has significant experience in health care, telecommunications and e-commerce.

Barry Ziskin, Investor, has worked in the Solar and Wind Energy field for private companies in California and became a Financial Analyst for Renewable Energy Ventures, installer of over $100 million in wind turbines in California and Hawaii. He was also Vice President of Atmospheric Research and Technology where he design wind turbine monitoring systems. He has studied at U.C. Santa Barbara Department of Environmental Studies and U.C. Berkeley School of Natural Resources. He interned at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Solar Water Heating research funded by Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas. He also worked on Renewable Energy projects for U.C. Berkeley, the National Science Foundation, and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. He graduated with a BS in Conservation of Natural Resources and received a MS in Energy and Resources at U.C. Berkeley. He also has a law degree from U.C. Davis and practices Environmental Law.

Robert Kulakowski, Investor, is co-founder of Verimatrix, which was named as the IPTV content security leader by the MRG group and rated by TelecomView as current market leader and projected to remain as leader through 2012 with over 30% market share. His inventions and approach to security positioned the business as most innovative security technology developer in the IPTV industry. In a span of 3 years, he established the leadership position by recruiting a world-class management team and by executing on product delivery and performance. He served as CTO and established an engineering processes that later resulted in ISO 9000 certification. He participated in raising venture capital for the company. Leading the team on collaborative system design, he architected a unique, scalable, and deployable security system that now includes a partner ecosystem of over 80 world-wide partners in Asia, Europe, Russia, and South America. Prior to Verimatrix, he was co-founder of Internet Magic (fax over IP) that was sold to the Dialogic group of Intel. He has over 25 years of experience in leading-edge computer, data communications, and security product design, 7 issued patents and 14 pending patents, extensive intellectual property research and has been founder and co-founder of venture backed companies that secured over $28 million in venture capital.


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