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We provide technical support to customers on irrigation control related issues through our state-of-the-art remote wireless communications and through on-site visits.

We remotely adjust and monitor electronic irrigation operation and notifies customer and the landscape contractor of any issues or potential problems identified from data and information retrieved from the equipment installed at the customer's property.

We communicate via telephone (during normal business hours) and e-mail with customer's corporate management (if applicable), property manager, maintenance staff, and landscape contractor regarding issues or potential problems related to customer's irrigation control system or metered water consumption.

Property managers or landscape contractors are able to report any issues or problems known to have occurred or that appear to be occurring via employee's mobile telephone numbers (24/7) or via employee's e-mail address. General customer support email address is support@water2save.com.

We provide complementary non-warranty site visit each year at no cost to the customer. Non-warranty site visits are typically made to: check on overall landscape aesthetics; conduct meetings with the property manager and/or landscaper ensuring Water2Save equipment is operating as designed.

Customers may request non-warranty visits or meetings, by sending a request with date and time either through employee's mobile telephone number (24/7) or via employee's e-mail address. General customer support email address is support@water2save.com.

Prior to site visit or meeting, we will confirm with customer's assigned contact person prior to arriving at the property site. Notification may include customer's property manager and/or maintenance staff, the landscape contractor, and other contacts, as requested by customer.

Our "state-of-the-art" equipment is specially designed to provide remote support. When a customer notifies us of a problem, we use our technology to remotely resolve any system issues using data and information retrieved from the wireless equipment installed at the site. In the event such remote efforts fail to resolve the problem, we will schedule a site visit to further investigate the source of the problem and to recommend ways to quickly resolve the issue.

Our goal is to not only to provide superior support but also to deliver a world-class service that exceeds expectations to each and every one of our customers.

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