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The following testimonials by Water2Save customers support the acceptance of using remote weather data to improve the efficiency of applying irrigation water to aesthetic landscapes:

Mountain View Estates, Calabasas, California

Mountain View Estates is an example of a large Home Owners Association that required a custom water savings solution that would work property-wide. By installing a combination of both Water2Save add-on devices and new Sterling controllers with Water2Save water management service, the project was completed in the most efficient way possible and was approved for the MWD Water Savings Performance Program.

California State University, Los Angeles, California

Water2Save water management service along with new Sterling controllers were activated at the Cal State L.A. campus in the summer of 2008. CSULA's installation of Water2Save performance based monitoring and tracking service for outdoor irrigation was approved for the MWD Water Savings Performance Program. Click here to read the press release about CSULA's impressive savings. "Savings and rebate incentives turned out to be quite successful to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars" - John Ferris, Director of Facilitites Services.

Liberty Station, San Diego, California

"Under a SDG&E funded energy/water savings program, Water2Save's unique wireless irrigation monitoring service has saved over one hundred thousand dollars for Liberty Station Community Association located near downtown San Diego. Water2Save's service has performed flawlessly and the community continues to expand the service throughout the property where the savings potential offers a net dollar savings and as the city increases water rates."

Le Parc, Century City, California

"We participated in a pilot program to improve the efficiency of our irrigation water use with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) by installing Water2Save's water management service. At first we were skeptical. When service went on-line, we noticed a significant reduction in runoff. Also, the turf areas were no longer too wet to walk on but still remained green and healthy. Over the one year trial period, we saved over $10,000. We are happy that we got the chance to work with Water2Save."

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Landscapers Re-evaluate Offering Water2Save to Their Customers.   Many landscapers have recognized that customers which purchased Smart Timers may not be realizing irrigation water savings. Manufacturers of Smart Timers do not monitor or guarantee water bill savings. Now is the time to consider offering customers a solution which delivers routine savings reports. Contact Water2Save to find out more about how to improve retention of landscape contracts.

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