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Water2Save and Storm Manufacturing Group Team-Up to Conserve Water, Keep California’s Landscape Green, and Save Water and Energy.

DECMEBER 7, 2007, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- The need to conserve water is a top priority in California. But how do we ensure that while California reduces its water use, landscapes will stay green to absorb CO2, and customers can save money on their water bills?

On Sunday, December 9, 2007, Water2Save, LLC and Storm Manufacturing Group, manufacturer of the Superior brand, unveiled a strategic water-savings partnership that promotes an irrigation water management solution that has been time tested for more than 10 years and has been proven to reduce irrigation water consumption by millions of gallons per year and save hundreds of thousands of dollars for property owners.

The partnership was unveiled at the International Irrigation Show (December, 2007) at the San Diego Convention Center, 111 West Harbor Dr. in San Diego. The theme of 2007 event was “Find Smart Solutions” – a perfect theme to frame the unveiling of this partnership. Storm Manufacturing Group exhibited Superior’s new two-way fully integrated proactive (forward looking) Weather-based Sterling-Water2Save Irrigation Controller.

Water2Save, LLC (“Water2Save”)

Water2Save is a patented remote Look-Ahead ET(TM) weather-based irrigation monitoring, tracking and forecasting weather adjustment service. It uses state-of-the-art internet servers and AT&T’s wireless data networks to provide two-way communications access to the customer’s irrigation system. Water2Save management service offers a performance guarantee. It achieves water consumption savings through monitoring water meter usage and adjusting irrigation runtimes based on real-time weather conditions. The service is performed remotely using a trained Water2Save water efficiency manager who monitors and reports to customers on achieved savings performance. This patented methodology employed by Water2Save increases savings by 15 percent or more since its inception.

Water2Save has a proven, audited performance record of saving millions of gallons per year for EACH two-way integrated wireless controller installed by eliminating excess water typically applied by irrigation systems while at the same time enabling customers to have a beautifully green landscape and receiving significant water bill savings. Customers are able to monitor their water savings and irrigation data by logging onto the secure www.water2save.com website.

Storm Manufacturing Group (maker of Sterling brand of Irrigation Controllers)

Previously, Water2Save’s communication interface equipment was mounted as a separate device outside a sprinkler controller. As part of this new collaboration, Water2Save worked with Storm Manufacturing Group to create a Sterling controller that integrates Water2Save’s wireless technology into the device. This Sterling controller allows users to remotely access the controller through the Internet and cell phones. To receive Water2Save’s water management services, consumers can sign-up for a savings performance contract.

“Our patented forecasted weather Water2Save monitoring, adjustment and tracking water management service is the innovative solution to California’s water conservation concerns,” said Gary Gelinas, Chief Executive Officer of Water2Save. “As each new property site activates service, we get one step closer to addressing the severe challenges that plague rain-deficient areas like Southern California as well as save the energy used to pump and treat water, reduce runoff, and reduce CO2 emissions.”

“Water2Save’s wireless technology compliments our high-quality Sterling controllers,” said Mike Ray, Vice President of the Storm Manufacturing Group. “Our partnership will provide consumers a comprehensive device that will allow them to monitor their water usage from anywhere.”

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan)

In addition to collaborating on the water-saving partnership with the Storm Manufacturing Group, Water2Save is also working with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which is offering Financial Incentive Programs to: (a) increase participation in outdoor water conservation; (b) ease administrative requirements when applying for such incentives; and (c) maintain water-savings reliability. This program will encourage property owners to upgrade existing commercial, industrial, institutional, one-acre single family, multi-family and homeowner’s association landscapes with more efficient irrigation equipment.

Those property owners who purchase the Storm Manufacturing Group products, which include the Water2Save water management service and are located in Metropolitan’s Southern California service area, may qualify for the incentive. Water2Save has worked with property owners to complete the application required by Metropolitan, which includes a complete savings appraisal based on irrigated landscape area, metered historical usage, project costs, climate needs, and other factors related to savings achievement.

One property site, a home owner association located within Metropolitan’s service area, was recently approved for the incentive payment of approximately $50,000 under the district’s Water Savings Performance Program using Water2Save’s water management service and 2-way wireless communications, proactive adjustment, monitoring and control. This property site has 25 acres of irrigated landscape and is expected to save over 20 million gallons per year.

“Metropolitan’s Water Savings Performance Program is vital to ensuring that customers who upgrade their existing irrigation systems reap the benefits almost immediately, promoting smart environmental policy that rewards conscientious customers,” Gelinas said. “The program is user-friendly, consumer-focused, and environmentally smart.”

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