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Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Approves A New Water Savings Performance Incentive Program.

DECEMBER 1, 2007, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Water2Save is now working with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to offer a new Water Savings Performance Financial Incentive Program which is aimed at: (a) increasing participation in outdoor water conservation; (b) easing administrative requirements when applying for such incentives; and (c) maintaining water-savings reliability.

This program encourages property owners to upgrade existing commercial, industrial, institutional, one-acre single family, multi-family and homeowner association landscapes with more efficient irrigation equipment and water management service which tracks the actual savings achieved and rewards them with a large incentive.   These performance based incentive amounts can be thousands of dollars versus just a few hundred dollars for device rebates (since water utilities do not verifiy achieved savings under the traditional device rebate programs).

Those property owners who subscribe to the Water2Save water management service (which includes equipment, installation. water management, monitoring, and verification) and who are located in Metropolitan’s Southern California service area, may qualify for the large incentive payment provided that the potential water savings (based on improvement in water use efficiency) is actually achieved.

Water2Save has worked with property owners to complete the application required by Metropolitan, which includes a complete savings appraisal based on irrigated landscape area, metered historical usage, project costs, climate needs, and other factors related to savings achievement.

One property site, a home owner association located within Metropolitan’s service area, was recently approved for the incentive payment of approximately $50,000 under the district’s Water Savings Performance Program using Water2Save’s water management service and 2-way wireless communications, proactive adjustment, monitoring and control. This property site has 25 acres of irrigated landscape and is expected to save over 20 million gallons per year.

“Metropolitan’s Water Savings Performance Program is vital to ensuring that customers who upgrade their existing irrigation systems and continually manage water usage will reap the benefits almost immediately, promoting smart environmental policy that rewards conscientious customers,” said Gary Gelinas, Chief Executive Officer of Water2Save.. “This performance based cash inventive payment is much higher than the traditional device type of rebate amounts typically offer by water utilities.”

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