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Water2Save Gets the Cash in Customers' Hands By Streamlining the Water Saving Incentive Program Process from Application to Check Delivery.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2008, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Although there are numerous water conservaton rebate programs available throughout California, it may be more difficult than expected to actually receive any of that promised cash.

Because of large amounts of paperwork, numerous different checklists and obstacles, and a slow turnaround time on application processing, some rebate programs are falling short on their promises and applicants are not receieving checks. Similarly, in order to qualify for Performance Based Incentive Programs, some properties will hire many different consultants, equipment suppliers, auditors, and usage tracking services from a multitude of companies which makes the Incentive Program process much more complex.

However, with over 10 years of experience, Water2Save has streamlined the process of the Performance Based Incentive Program to deliver cash to customers in a timely manner. To date, Water2Save has been successful in delivering over $500,000 in Incentive Program funds. Customers are now receiving incentive program checks large enough to completely offset the Water2Save project cost.

Water2Save is fully approved to handle all aspects of the Performance Incentive Program for MWD of Southern California and the LADWP T.A.P program. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how Water2Save is able to deliver checks time and time again:

  • Water2Save handles all Incentive Program paper work and applications.

  • Water2Save is a water utility approved auditor and will perform a property audit and savings appraisal.

  • Water2Save will obtain and analyze historical consumption data, create a water usage baseline, and determine the potential savings opportunity.

  • Water2Save installs all necessary equipment and actively manages water usage.

  • Water2Save monitors water savings over time and will provide savings reports in order to continue to receive checks for water savings.

Water2Save is a "Performance Based" Water Management Company that has worked with several Water Utility Performance Incentive Programs for over 10 years, delivering cash to the customer. Along with proven results with Performance Incentive Programs, no other company - except Water2Save- offers a GUARANTEED savings contract.

Water2Save has has emerged as the leader in achieving Maximum Water Savings. To find out more about how Water2Save can work for you, contact us today:

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888-H2O-LINK (888-426-5465)
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Landscapers Re-evaluate Offering Water2Save to Their Customers.   Many landscapers have recognized that customers which purchased Smart Timers may not be realizing irrigation water savings. Manufacturers of Smart Timers do not monitor or guarantee water bill savings. Now is the time to consider offering customers a solution which delivers routine savings reports. Contact Water2Save to find out more about how to improve retention of landscape contracts.

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