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Earth Day News: Water2Save Saves CSULA More Than 27 Million Gallons in 18 Months.

APRIL 21, 2010, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Using integrated "stealth" technology and automatic weather adjustments, Water2Save's patented Look-Ahead ET(TM) water-management service at Cal State L.A. has reduced water usage by about 27 million gallons over an 18-month period - or roughly a million gallons for each of the 27 acres of irrigated landscaping on campus.

(Irrigation accounts for 70 percent of urban water use in the Southwestern U.S.; and the runoff from over-watered landscapes can carry fertilizers and pesticides into groundwater and the ocean.)

The ongoing savings at Cal State L.A. equates roughly to serving the water needs of 129 families in Los Angeles.

CSULA Awarded $50,000 CheckPhoto Credit: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Pictured above are(Left to Right) Tom Gackstetter, Director of Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation LADWP; John Ferris, Director of Facilities Services CSULA; Mark Gentili, Supervisor of Water Conservation LADWP; Leah Murakami, Water2Save; Lisa Chavez, Chief Financial Officer CSULA; Joseph Roy, Account Management Supervisor LADWP; and Robert Estrada, Water Conservation Specialist LADWP.

Recognizing the campus's impressive conservation efforts on the eve of Earth Day, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Technical Assistance Program (TAP) today presented Cal State L.A. a $51,679 water-savings performance-incentive calculated at $3.50 per thousand gallons saved. Since the installation of the Water2Save's wireless water-management service in September 2008, Cal State L.A. has also saved more than $100,000 in water-bill reductions.
"Not only are we saving water, but the Water2Save system does not require my employees to learn a new system which saves my staff a lot of time. They also do not have to change the watering schedules when the weather changes or shut the controllers off before it rains." -John Ferris, Director of Facilities Services, CSULA
CSULA is an excellent example of Water2Save's proven effectiveness in real-world conditions, but is not by any means the only property that has achieved such extraordinary results. Water2Save customers with large properties located in the Los Angeles area saved an average of over 16 million gallons of water in 2009 alone.

(By saving water, Water2Save customers also achieve significant embedded energy savings by alleviating the need to pump large amounts of water into the L.A. basin from hundreds of miles away.)

Water2Save is in the forefront of the development of remote wireless management and efficient operation of landscape watering. The Water2Save service, with patented Look-Ahead ET(TM) weather data monitoring, consistently delivers large water and dollar savings to its customers.

Click here to read more about the Water2Save and CSULA water savings press release.

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