Water Utility Incentive Funding

Utility Incentive

The Water Savings Incentive Program (WSIP) funds are designed for nonresidential large landscape properties to improve their water efficiency through water management services.  WSIP is not a fixed rebate but is unique because it provides an incentive based on the amount of water the property saves.  This “pay-for-performance” design lets properties implement customized projects. 

The initial costs to implement Water2Save is reimbursed to the property and includes irrigation water audit, contracted water management services, design and engineering, equipment and materials, installation, hardware, software, freight, and shipping. 

The rate the incentive is paid is up to $0.60/1,000 gallons of water saved where the maximum payment is the amount of approved project cost.  Payments are usually phased.  A percentage of the approved total incentive is first paid to the property upon project installation. 

Balance of the total incentive is paid after one year upon verification that savings goal was achieved.  Savings is determined comparing pre-project water use with amount of water used after implementation.

Qualified WSIP Service Provider

Water2Save has been a qualified service provider with WSIP for over 10 years.  Company has secured large funding for its customers through its water management services to improve landscape water efficiency while keeping the landscape green and healthy.  

Funding under WSIP supersedes the amount of a rebate for installing self-adjusting smart controllers.  Rebates do not consider actual savings achieved.  Rebates are a fixed amount and are significantly less than project funding offered through the WSIP program.

See below types of project implementation costs covered under WSIP.

Water Use Audit




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